Jesus says “Yes!”

Jesus says “Yes!”  There is tremendous power in the word “Yes!”. It is a risk to ask someone to do something for you or with you. They may say “No!” and asking them will give them their chance to do so. We must ask or go through life never knowing what could have been. So,[…]


Big Bang or Big Voice?

Big Bang or Big Voice? Scientists declare that the most likely starting point for our universe was an enormous explosion of energy 13.7 billion years ago.  They point to evidence that they universe continues to expand and that expansion had to have begun with what is popularly called “The Big Bang”. The Bible opens describing[…]



Forgiveness Forgiveness in the kingdom of God is not optional. Forgiveness is to relationships what oxygen is to life. Forgiveness opens up space in us for relationships to continue just as surely as exhaling already used air creates new space for fresh, life giving air in our lungs. To withhold forgiveness is like holding one’s[…]