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My final confession before God will not be complex or difficult. As my life is reviewed in Christ’s presence, it will be easily determined how much of the daily grace of Christ in me I used or did not use in order to be the love of God delivered in Christ day by day.

Christ in me is the measure of the grace and love available to me each day. I am responsible to freely deliver this grace and love one day at a time. The daily grace and love of Christ I left unused and undelivered will be my judgment.

The specific deeds I did each day will not be the measure used against me. It is what I could have done and should have done with the daily grace of Christ in me that will be my loss and judgment.

My confession will be admitting that the perfect grace and love of Christ was there in me every day. I will confess that I failed to receive it, rejoice in it and release it to others as love.

In other words I will confess I sinned against others because I first sinned against Christ’s grace and love in me. My unused grace and love will judge me and I will silently realize what could have been and weep for the great loss.

Then Jesus will wipe away my tears because He always delivers grace and love. I am so thankful He does!

Bud McCord

Abide International

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