A miracle is a brief, temporary, unforgettable glimpse into the heart and character of God.  By its very nature a miracle is temporary so it cannot compete with the permanent it represents.

To ask for a miracle to be a permanent view of God is to attempt to make the miracle God. God is not the miracle. The miracle allows us to glimpse something of God.

Jesus is more than a temporary glimpse of God. Jesus is not a miracle. He is God made permanently visible and available. This is why Phillip was rebuked by Jesus when he asked Jesus to satisfy him with a final glimpse of God.  Phillip said to Him, `Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us’. John 14:8

Asking Jesus to show us a glimpse of God would be like asking a mountain right in front of us to show us a ‘selfie’ instead of looking up at the mountain in front of us in all its glory. Seeing Jesus in front of us is infinitely more important than seeing a miracle!

To ask for a miracle is to ask for a glimpse of the permanent in this temporary world. Asking for a miracle here in this world certainly helpful and appropriate when we need help, encouragement or a solution to a crisis we or others are facing. Jesus assured us that God will miraculously move mountains for us when we ask in His name. We must, however, not confuse the permanent, eternal with the miraculous, temporary glimpse of God that the miracle provides. Jesus is God among us as the glory of God full of grace and truth. He is not a glimpse. He is God made forever visible and available.

Miracles are never forgotten but they all come far short of the forever view of God Jesus provides.  The glimpses may be unforgettable, but Jesus is all and in all.

We may ask for miracles as truly needed in this temporary world. We must do so while never taking our eyes off Jesus when we ask. If we take your eyes off of Jesus while asking for a miracle all we will end up with is the temporary. 

We need the permanent revelation not just a glimpse. We need Jesus!

Bud McCord

Abide International

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