Ready, Set, Love!

Ready, Set, Love!
“Have you ever listed your daily rituals that begin the moment you awaken and end the moment you open your door to face the world?
By now these daily disciplines have become habits that serve you well and keep you from being one of those people who are avoided in public.
In the spiritual realm there are also habits that make us ready for our day. These daily postures or disciplines should become habitual as well.
Here are the nine daily postures that I have practiced habitually for over 40 years.
Eyes open and aiming high – Seeing Jesus.
Ears tuned – Hearing Jesus’ voice first
Playlist on – Worship begun
Taste activated – Thanksgiving on my tongue like honey
Smell check – Confession of anything in me or on me that does not have the clean smell of righteousness
Aroma Therapy – Affirming with my voice who I am in Christ immerses me in the aroma of who Christ is in me
Touch on – Interceding for others
Resources coming – Asking for the resources for love
Cross on shoulder – Accepting the love that I must deliver today
Love makes us unavoidable in a wonderful way. Don’t leave home unprepared to love.
Bud McCord

Abide International

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