God’s Love with Skin On


God’s Love with Skin On


I love the story of a 5 year old girl who was soundly sleeping in her own bed when a terrible storm assailed her house and awakened her. In her fear of the storm she ran to her parent’s room and found a refuge inbetween mom and dad.

In this comforting and warm refuge her fear slowly subsided but her sleepless movements continued  to keep her awake along with her parents.

Finally her father reached the end of his patience because he needed to wake up very early the next morning.  He said to his small daughter  “Honey, please go back to your bed now.  God will be with you.”   She said nothing and made no move to go back to her room.  The father repeated in a louder voice “Honey, please go back to your room.  God will be with you!”   Still she did not move.  The father changed the tone of his voice and said with force,  “Honey, go back to  your room.  God will be with you!”   Finally, in the tiny voice of a 5 year old girl,  she said  “I know God will be with me daddy, but right now I need someone with skin on!”

Right now the world is in a storm and it desperately needs someone with skin on to help it calm down.  Each Christian is to be the “skin” of God because Jesus abides in us to make us His skin in the world as it is right now.

To make us God’s skin in this troubled world, the Spirit of God in us takes love from Jesus, the True Vine and transforms Jesus’ love  into  sap, or what I like to call “Liquid love”, which then passes through each disciple and miraculously becomes the fruit of the Spirit or Christ with our skin on.

By the Spirit in us each disciple becomes the skin of God and Jesus is manifested again among us.  What an incredble plan to keep love moving on earth!

Let the Spirit of Christ make you God’s love with skin on during today’s storm.

Bud McCord

Abide International

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