A Good Day


A Good Day

Today is a good day to see Jesus.  So, I will see Jesus first   today so I will see God, myself and everyone else clearly, correctly and lovingly.  I will keep my eyes on Jesus all day so I will remember that good comes first and I was created by God’s goodness for good.

Today is a good day to hear Jesus. So, I will hear Jesus first  today so my ears will be open and tuned to liberating truth. I will hear Jesus throughout the day so all lies, including my own lies, will be made clear to me.  I will hear Jesus today to move feely among others as a simple yes and no.

Today is a good day to be loved by Jesus and love others with Jesus. So, I will open myself to Jesus’ love all day so I can open myself lovingly to others all day.   I will show I am being loved by Jesus by joyfully obeying His commands. Today will be a good day to love because He will love me enough for me to love.

Today is a good day to live Jesus. So, I will receive all I need for living this day from Jesus. I will live this day knowing that I can release all I receive freely and still lack nothing at the end of the day. Today I will be as satisfied in Jesus as I can be in order to live Him. Today I will learn again  that to live is Christ.

Every day with Jesus is a good day. And a good day is not just for me. A good day with Jesus should turn into a good day for others with Jesus through me.

Bud McCord

Abide International

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