What if?


“Where I Am?”

What if a man came into our world from a place where all he had ever experienced was perfect, continuous love?

What if he came here with the conviction that every single person and place in the universe deserved at least one chance to experience and live in contact with perfect love?

What if he came here prepared to do whatever it would take to forever open a door into the place from where he had come?

What if he removed every barrier standing between us and the source of this perfect love?

What if he could actually put this perfect love in us by living in us until he could finally unite us with the source and place of perfect love?

What if this has already happened?

What if we received this man?

What if we believed in him?

What if we lived abiding in him and his love?

What if we?

What if Jesus?

What if?


Bud McCord

Abide International

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