A Plan


A Plan

Over the years I have used a variety of planning systems trying to become a more organized person.  None of them turned me into an organized person, but they certainly helped me avoid organizational disaster.

As technology has expanded exponentially during my lifetime I have struggled to keep pace and keep planning. Now I have at my fingertips in my cellphone more planning tools than I will ever be able to use. Now my challenge is to organize the apps!

After all the plans and apps, how my heart longs for simplicity.  It seems that with my entrance into what some call “old age” I find myself smiling to myself as I realize that out of all the plans I have used only one has worked as I hope it would. It is the Jesus plan that I  first heard about when I was sixteen years old.

Jesus, the great simplifier of life, has become, in my advancing years, my daily plan. It is very simple.  I will see Him more.  I will hear Him more.  I will love Him more.  I will live Him more.  He is my plan.

As I look back over 66 years of life I can see that He has always invited me to let Him be my simplification plan.  Now as I look into the future where each year will eat away at my time here in this world, He calms my mind and says to me “Let me be your plan”.

How patient He has been waiting to hear me say finally “Yes” at the depth that I now say “Yes”!

Bud McCord

Abide International

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