Rise Above


Rise Above

A dear friend and mentor helped me navigate the frustrations of leading a team of leaders for nearly 10 years. When he saw me getting frustrated he would say “Rise above!”. He knew the only way out of the frustration was up and never down. The way is never down toward retaliation, lack or revenge. It is always up toward love. He was right.

Jesus entire message about loving others is the voice of God telling us “Rise Above!”. In God’s kingdom there is only the way of Jesus and His way is always up toward love. To follow Jesus is always to “Rise Above!”

E. Stanley Jones, Methodist missionary in India for 55 years, said “Rise Above!” in this way:

“Treat your enemy as a friend and in the end he will be your friend or, if not, you will be a far finer kind of man. You will be sons of your Father.”

Whatever is not moving up toward love with Jesus is going to be permanently left behind.   Jesus’ way is up in the direction of expanding love.

Rise Above!”

Bud McCord

Abide International

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