Our Daily Bread

Being fed by Jesus’ will

Without food we cannot physically express our will.  Food allows us to put our body into action one day at a time.  Take food away and our will weakens and can even die.

Jesus told us our prayers  should always include this phrase “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Give us the strength to manifest our inner will clearly through our actions  in this day.

Jesus also said His food was to do His Father’s will.  The Father’s will fed Jesus’ will and the result was a lifetime of love that never stopped.  Jesus’ will fed by His Father’s will worked for the good of all until the end.

Jesus also said He was the bread of life.  His will fed upon can make our will His will in action.  He also said without Him we can do nothing.

We can never will on our own. We need a will that feeds our will.  We need the bread of Jesus’ will that allows us to bear the fruit the Father wants from us.

That  is why we should always pray in Jesus’ name that the will of the Father would be done through us.

Bud McCord

Abide International

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