The Two Perfections of Jesus

2016-12-14abLiving in a world of imperfections and being imperfect persons, it is difficult to believe that perfection exists. Even so, the faith of every Christian is that a perfect person named Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us.  And beyond this incredible perfection of Jesus among us, we, as Christians, believe that Jesus’ perfection lives in every believer by the presence of the Spirit of Christ.

These two perfections–Jesus for us and Jesus in us—-are the very essence of Christianity. Remove either of these perfections and Christianity ends.
Perfection in Christ has saved us and is saving us forever.  These two perfections make all of us equally acceptable to God and immediately and continuously equal one with another.
Inequality is the most pervasive of all human sicknesses.  Jesus’ perfection for us make us all equal in forgiveness.  Jesus’ perfection in us makes us equal in essence. It is from our equality in Christ’s perfection that the we all are being changed and everything is becoming new.
It took the perfection of Jesus at Calvary to forgive us equally.  It takes the presence of Christ in us to make us essentially equal and on our way to peace with all.  Perfection is here with us now in Christ and it will never be taken away. Celebrate!

Bud McCord

Abide International

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