The Work

In John chapter 6 Jesus tells a group of hard working seekers that the true work of God is to believe. These people had recently been fed by Jesus’ miraculously and gracefully provided fish and loaves. Having received this wonderful gift of grace from the hand of God, they promptly decided they would work for more. They worked hard at following Jesus looking for more grace food. Things have not changed much since then. People still think the first taste of grace is free and then we must work for the next meal of grace.

The work of God, Jesus says, is to believe. We are to work from grace and perfection and not for grace and perfection.
Our biggest job each day is to come before Jesus believing He is as generous with us today as He was the first time we experienced His grace.

If the Christian life is a lot of work for you, it is not the Christian life. Do the real work of the Christian life. Believe Jesus is being generous with you right now and forever. We work from grace, not for it. What a job! Sounds like abiding to me.

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